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Facts About Cysts On Ovaries

Cysts on ovaries can be extremely dangerous and painful. It is important for all women to recognize the signs of ovarian cysts. Most of these cysts are not dangerous in the way of ovarian cancer, which can spread to other organs, but are rather dangerous because they can rupture and cause infection. About five percent of these cysts can be malignant and bring the start of cancer.

The cysts are typically inside the ovary, not on the outside wall. It occurs when fluid collects inside membrane. They are common and can be extremely small or as big as an orange. When considering the size of one’s ovaries, an orange is quite huge. Almost all women have cysts to some degree.

Smaller cysts can never be noticed or cause problems. Some merely go away by themselves. They are called functional cysts and are a natural part of a menstrual cycle. They can still be painful, however, and some women can be more susceptible to cysts forming repeatedly, though there is no direct health concern apart from discomfort. That said, a woman should still have all cysts investigated by a doctor to ensure they are not cancerous.

However, when a cyst continue to grow, it could cause a great deal of pain for the woman and give her difficulty in conceiving. Five inches in diameter is the standard size at which a cyst must be surgically removed. Many times this surgery requires the removal of the affected ovary, as well, leading the woman to ovulate only once per month.

Endometriosis is when the internal tissue of a woman’s uterus starts to form on the outside. Sometimes it can migrate to the ovaries and begin to grow there, causing what doctors call a “chocolate cyst.” Not only does the cyst itself present a risk of infertility, but the endometriosis itself is a sign of other uterine problems. This is why it is so important to have all cysts diagnosed.

The only way to truly tell if you have cysts or not is to have a CT scan or an ultrasound. These give the most accurate internal look so doctors can be sure to know what they are treating. It can provide you with some options and let you know if more testing needs to be done.

The first place to start, of course, is by recognizing symptoms in your body. Many symptoms of ovarian cysts may also be symptoms one recognizes in pregnancy. This could include nausea, breast tenderness, missed or irregular periods, spotting, fatigue, weight gain, or a change in bowel movements and urination frequency. The differences really come in the form of aches and pains. The lower central part of the body is where most women feel the pain. The pelvis and groin, thighs, stomach, and lower back can either have dull aches or very sharp pains. Usually these pains have a direct correlation to a specific time in your cycle, so look for patterns.

The treatment depends on the cyst and the individual. It could be as light a treatment as taking mild painkillers or aspirin. Sometimes alternating hot and cold compresses can help tension in the area and relieve pain. Some women have found that hormone therapy or going on birth control can help. This is more of a long-term treatment for women who suffer through cysts regularly. For very serious issues, surgery may have to occur. Depending on the size and location of the cyst, the ovary may not be harmed due to the surgery. Other times, one or both ovaries will need to be removed, especially if the cyst is malignant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Ovarian cysts…?
    I have this really bad pain in my groin area and it shoots down my left leg… it will last about two days… and is always after my period it seems like. Then it will come back about a month later. Its always the same leg… and my mom had ovarian cysts a few years ago and she had one rupture. I’m pretty sure they said this was hereditary… anyways, I don’t have health insurance because I just got married a few months ago and haven’t been put on my husbands yet so i’m not sure if I should just go to the med clinic to have it checked out or what to do. but I can hardly move my leg right now. What to do? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I have an ovarian cyst, but it’s not that low in the groin area. My doctor said it would eventually go away on its own with each menstruation. If you’re not on birth control, get on it. It helps to control these cysts. I’d get it checked just to make sure.

    Is it endometriosis or ovarian cysts?
    Since I got off birth control a little over a month ago, I’ve been having this burning pain in my groin area, tenderness/swollen feeling in my pelvic region, a feeling of pressure on my bladder, and on-and-off constipation. Do you think it could be just getting off the pill, or is it more likely ovarian cysts or endometriosis? Can you get ovarian cysts from getting off birth control?


    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it can be possible for a woman to get cysts while coming off the pill.

      But with the symptoms you are noticing this could be more related to the endometriosis (an example only).

      I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what they say.

    ovarian cysts question! please answer! in pain!!!?
    Okay so I went to the E.R. About 2 months ago and they told me I had a couple cysts on my right ovary. They told me 2 take motrin if I start to hurt but the motrin doesn’t help much. Lately (almost a week now) I have had a lot of pain where my my leg and my meets my groin when I sit down. Actually everytime I bend my right leg it hurts, but not when I walk. Idk if it is because of my cysts or what. Does any1 have any idea if it could b linked 2 my cysts??? Oh yea and if this helps I just got off of my time of the month about a week ago. Please help! Thnks

    • ANSWER:

    Ovarian Cyst causing pain???
    Ok about 9 mths ago I started to get this pain in my groin area and lots of cramps in my lower stomach. I have the Mirena IUD also. Anyways the pain has been getting worse and worse like everyday allday and then last week I started to bleed clots. At my last CT scan they found a cyst on my ovary and it was about 2-4 cm. The pain is only brought on when standing or walking. I have had lots of ultrasounds and ct’s done and they finally found this. COuld the pain be from the cyst? I have felt nausea and all the symptoms above. If it was there before why wasn’t it found? What can be done now? Also my blood work showed elivated white count? PLEASE HELP. I have dr tomorrow and I am freaking out and I just don’t feel good. Also I have been having fevers off and on.

    I have had the IUD for 2 yrs and the pains started 9 mths ago. Could that be it? If so why would it wait over a yr to start. TIA

    • ANSWER:
      the white cells mean that you have an infection, and the fever also is a sign of infecton. I would have the IUD removed asap and then go from there. The pain could be from the IUD< the infection or the cysts. The cysts can cause pain, but not likely based on your discription. I wouldnt wait to go to the dr, I would go to the ER now and get this seen about. Good Luck

    can ovarian cyst cause severe pain? i just had my cycle 2 wks ago and i had to go to er tonight?
    I thought it was another kidney stone but ct scan revealed numerous cyst on ovaries they gave me dilauid through i.v but when the meds wore off the pain came back hurting in groin area, hip and inner thigh and back, has anyone ever had those type of symptoms before? i mean really awful pain!! how was the cysts treated? any input would be greatly appreciated!!

    • ANSWER:
      I have had some experience treating cysts on the ovaries.

      First off, what did your doctor say your treatment was to be? Did one of you cysts rupture? Sometimes this can be the cause of acute pain leading to an ER trip.

      Do a google on PCOS. Poly cystic overian syndrome. This is a much more common problem then you may think. It also usually shows with other symptoms such as increased body hair, difficulty losing weight, high risk of diabetes type 2, etc. There are many women who have PCOS.

      There has been good success in treating PCOS using chinese medicine. I have had good results with my patients. Even if you are afraid of acupuncture, chinese herbal formulas especially can help to control the pain and lessen the cysts.

      Good luck